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VW Pursue concept of "Smartphones with Wheels"

September 18, 2015

VW Pursue concept of "Smartphones with Wheels"
After rolling the ambition to become the largest automaker in the world in 2018, volkswagen had a sequel. Europe's largest automobile manufacturer is pursuing the concept of "smart phone with wheels".

That is, in the future function of the car is not just a means of transportation that led from one point to another location.

"We are in the process of re-creating the largest automotive producer in Europe. In 2020, we will change the entire car we become a smart phone with the wheel," said Martin Winterkorn, VW's Chief Executive Officer, as reported by Bloomberg, Monday (14/09/2015).

VW aims to be able to make the car they sent simultaneously receive data, including the drive itself (technology otonomos). The German brand is also planning to launch a total of 20 units of pure electric cars and hybrid technology "plug in" to 2020. The model is diverse, ranging from compact to luxury sedans, such as the Phaeton models.

VW's new ambitions seem to appear triggered the threat of competition from information technology companies, such as Apple and Google. Including the success of Tesla Motors as a pure electric car manufacturer in America Srikat. In order to maintain the prestige, German automotive manufacturers must maintain its position as a leader in motor vehicle technology.

As a result, the urge to develop environmentally friendly models and vehicles with high connectivity capabilities according to the characteristics of consumers in the modern era. read also

Ini Dia SLS AMG Garapan Inden Design

October 7, 2014
Even though it's been cool, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG turns out remains perhaps the modifikator. Home modification of origin Germany, Inden Design, recently showing the result of the modification of the SLS AMG.
As reported by the in  autonews com page, Sunday, January 8, 2012, the main sector that got the attention of Inden Design is the engine. They upped the horsepower the engine 6.2 litre V8 AMG SLS became the property of 614 horsepower. This power is produced via a new ECU and additional use of knalport sport combined with the catalyc converter and manifolds.
Compare with Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG standard which has power 563 horsepower and maximum torque of 650 Newton metres the same machine-generated 6.2 liter V8. To differentiate with other versions, Inden Design put up new Harga Honda Beat FI Batam alloy wheels measuring 20 inches combined with 265/30 tires for the front and 295/30 in the rear.
Unfortunately, no information on what price dibanderol Inden Design. In Indonesia, the Mercedes-Benz car took off, also known as the Gullwing door model, because it, for Rp 4.6 billion (off the road).

Promote The Johnny Walker, Audi Q7 Limo Makes

September 26, 2014
Usually, the Audi Q7, we know as Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Well what if the output Audi AG cars are Harga Yamaha Mio Fino FI Vs Honda Scoopy usually well known garang was later transformed into a limousine? Yup, page showing photos of the Audi Q7 versions of this length.

"A freelance photographer has captured the car was being used for the promotion of Johnny Walker, a brand of whiskey (the origin of Ayrshire, Scotland)," wrote the page

The car was seen on the streets of Las Vegas, the United States, and Nafpaktos, Greece, earlier this week. Only, not mentioned are the engine of the SUV it has undergone significant revision.

Its regular version, the Audi Q7 Harga Yamaha R25 di Kota Malang brings the 3000 cc V6 gasoline engine equipped with supercharger. The machine that produced 272 hp at $ 4750-6,500 rpm and torque of 400 Newton metres at 2,250 rpm. Bensinnya consumption is 10.7 liters to a distance of 100 kilometres.

Now, armed with the power, the SUV is capable of accelerating from 0-100 kilometres per hour (kpj) only in tempo 7.9 seconds. Even able to sped up to 225 kpj.

In Indonesia, the car was launched on December 16, 2010. PT Garuda Mataram Motor, Audi brands occupants in the motherland, membanderolnya Rp 1.36 billion off the road.

Range Rover Presents Justin Bieber For Selina Gomez

September 26, 2014
Young singer Justin Bieber apparently really has with Selena Gomez. Because of his love, Bieber had bought a luxury car for his girlfriend. Selena was never called himself viewed Harga Yamaha New Vixion Agustus 2014  the car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Range Rover belonged to Justin.

"In order to satisfy her boyfriend, Justin was willing to pay US $ 160 thousand (or approximately USD 1,44 billion) to buy a Range Rover and Polish in modifikator Project Kahn," said the person close Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Youtube to Justin, as reported by the Toronto Sun and

The car Range Rover with other customized it sent directly from Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Gomez's House in Los Angeles. Bradford is a city where the famous modifikator, Project Kahn, is located.

Range Rover later was fitted with special features worth US $ 80 thousand or about $ 720 million. These features include a special sound system hosts Germany companies as well as first-class skin sheets to overlay some parts of interior. The car was also used a special paint for the body as well as the Cosworth engine.

Just good, spokesman Justin nor the Project Kahn is not willing to expose the engine performance of the Rover Range. To be sure, the company subscribed modifikator illustrious artists such as footballer Wayne Rooney and United Kingdom television series Star Katie Price is called the Range Rover customized it very special.

Let cozy, Recognize Your taxi Crash

September 26, 2014
Rather than ride the city bus, taxi services indeed wear more comfortable. Like the proverbial car ride itself though have to spend a little more cost. However, choosing a taxi is also not without risk. Sometimes there are unscrupulous Harga Kawasaki Z1000 di Bogor taxi drivers found that do harm to the passengers.

Vigilance remains necessary care when using a taxi. This minimizes the risk, as well as help you if not Your natural menyenangan action for using the services of a taxi. Quoted from SuryaOnline, following his tips:

Wear the requested taxi by phone. Booking this way ensures you get a taxi from Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono Juli 2014 the taxi service company official. Or if you've already got contacts taxi driver, you can directly order to him.
If you didn't get to order by phone, please select the name of the company taxi you already believe. You can see the writing on the car, its logo, and the phone number you can be reached.
Each taxi carries the identity. Each car is not the same body number with another fleet of taxi companies are the same. In addition, on the dashboard there is a driver's identity card. If this identity is not available, you should find another taxi.
Sometimes taxi drivers to act naughty with take the longest to argo runs longer. However, this could also be alerted to the possibility of the occurrence of crimes. If you find the driver impressed swirling toward the destination location without any reason, immediately requested to stop. Report actions by phone to a taxi company in question are listed in the body of the car.

' Wrecks ' Superbike It Auctioned Hundreds Of Millions

August 26, 2014
Had no wheels, exhaust nearly devoured the rust, Harga Honda Spacy Seken saddle aka joknya was almost shapeless. That's how conditions Brough Superior SS80 hosts this 1939.

For ordinary people would probably be looking at Harga Honda Revo FI Baru Tahun 2014   prehistoric production superbike world war two as a worthless scrap seonggok. But for classic motorcycle enthusiast, the presence of Brough Superior SS80 was like a dream come true.
It is not apparent from his appearance now, but this is a superbike SS80 released in 1922 with a V-twin engine of 982 cc. this Model has also been driven by the creator, George Brough, kala quick kicks pathways at Brooklands with a record speed of 161 km/h. Brough himself won the race out of a total 52 51 race that he follow with this superbike.

Unfortunately, the production of motor which is known as ' The Rolls-Royce of Motor Cycles ' this stopped in early 1940, shortly before World War II, and is no longer produced. During nearly two decades of operation, only about 3000 motor was successfully created and marketed. Because of that, this much sought after by the SS80 fans motor classic.
Be auctioned by auction house Bonham, owner of ' junkyard ' SS80 's father claimed that this was the one who brought home this SS80 in 1964. However, after more than 50 years are stored, some parts of her start rusting or missing either where. But make no mistake, even so this superbike can still be auctioned with a price of 15,000 or around Rp 275 millions.

To restore the good looks of this superbike like during the golden age in the past, according to dailymail alerts, Thursday (10/10), will cost up to 15,000 or around Rp 460 millions.

This Mini SUV Honda Competitor Ford EcoSport?

August 26, 2014
Honda Vezel does have its own scent with character who is quite futuristic in its class. For those who can't afford to have one, this variant later Harga Honda Megapro FI Baru 2014 touted would be ready to become his successor.
Mag-X is a team that makes an image of the form will now be launched as a competitor to the Ford EcoSport Honda and Renault Wheelbarrows in India. In its action in class B-segment crossover Harga Honda City Sport 1 Terbaru 2014 this latest series is said to be priced dibanderol lighter than Vezel.
In accordance with the statement of Japan automotive site carsensor, Wednesday (15/04), DNA-based model of Honda Brio is a development for customers who can't have Honda Vezel. Until this news was revealed, there has been no official detail was intended to be the authentic proof specifications the car later. However, from its own carsensor predicts that he will adopt the kitchen runway capacity 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with direct injection turbo.
Because stock sales will be in focus in India, it is also possible he'd implanted machine Earth Dreams 1.5 liter with gelontoran power reach 98 hp.

Honda NM4 Vultus, Moge Cruise Futuristic ala Honda

August 26, 2014
Recently two-wheel manufacturer Honda-moge introduced a Harga Honda CB150R Tahun Ini  unique design based on garang's nan motor cruiser. He was named Honda NM4 Vultus.
These Vultus provided with machines that are similar to other Honda moge figures i.e. 745cc  Harga Honda Blade 125 FI Tahun 2014 engine with a capacity of NC750 berkonfigurasi parallel-twin. This machine is claimed capable of generating power of 54 hp with peak torque reached 67.8 Nm.
As a modern, futuristic vehicle project, Vultus equipped also with LED lights, future-shock style, stealth bomber silhouette that looks like most anime movie-style vehicles.

The Newest Generation Of Toyota Innova Released Next Year!

August 26, 2014
The news of a MPV spyshot quite loved in Indonesia  Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 2013 Toyota Innova had spread in cyberspace some time ago. The appearance of the figure above only the few that are still sheathed open secret that Toyota have started preparing for the launch of their new flagship.
According to the news released by indianautosblog, Friday (22/08), the President  Harga Yamaha Scorpio Z Tahun Ini  of Toyota Motor Philipines Corp. (TMPC), Mr. Michinobu Sugata announced that the upcoming year 2015 will be the world debut of the latest version of their Toyota Innova. Next, there is the possibility of the series set to be marketed in the year 2016.
Appearance: more exclusive it is, of course, will open the competition is fierce in the world including Indonesia MPV line. Honda Mobilio, Nissan Evalia, Chevrolet and Suzuki Ertiga Spin may also be besiap to entertain the new model.

Street Arts Custom Jadul Motor Magic, So Harleys

August 26, 2014
Jadul motor is preparing specialties from the workshops Harga Yamaha Force 2013  of Street Arts Custom belongs to Arie senses. Because the motor-motor jadul as C70, C50, CB500, Honda Legend Honda Astrea, and disulapnya can be as new again with a unique concept.

Located at Jalan Masjid Al-Ikhwan, the Grand City of Depok, Depok, the workshop belonging to this high berperawakan man can modify the motor-the motor into a variety of Harga Yamaha Vega RR Bandung  concepts such as Streetcub, Choppycub, Japstyle, and Cafe Racer Bratstyle.
In this workshop not only modify the motor-classic motor become more handsome, we restored the old motor could also be as initial conditions, "explained Arie.

Pretty much works of Street Arts Custom. The modifications that he did is quite extreme by combining multiple order vehicles. Not only that, Arie lobbies for spare part used seorisinil as possible.
"If it can be part of original. If baseball can be a new, locally-made, "he said.

Not only provide service modifications to motorcycles, Street Arts Custom provide material for consumers who want to have a motorcycle curios and unique. "If you want to make your motorcycle curios but baseball had motornya, we can find the material. Later the rest stayed to dimodifkasinya what it looks like, "he explained.
Arie claims to be working on one motor unit within a month, but depending on the concept. "Budget for one motor enggak kok too expensive, about $ 4 million. If the concept is simple. The most expensive can be up to $ 8 million, "the lid.

Bajaj Pulsar SS200 Caught ' the streets '

August 26, 2014
Bajaj Auto Ltd as a manufacturer of two-wheeled Harga Yamaha Xeon RC  Surabaya  vehicle that is big in India start giving resistance means the motor market in the sport world. The third entry-level sportbike is projected to slide at the end of 2014 at least.
Latest news, via reportage motoroids-India, recently caught the figure of Bajaj Pulsar SS200 full-fairing are public streets laden with garments that still cover it.
Bajaj Pulsar SS200 itself at the time India Auto Expo 2014 (January) has not Harga Yamaha R6 Baru  had time to be introduced directly to the public. Almost no difference with the sister-SS400, SS200 type design similar bodyworks but few more lean.

Bajaj Pulsar 200cc engine provided with SS200, single-cylinder engine with a fuel injection system (FI) that is claimed to be able to generate power by 25 hp and a torque of 20 Nm.

Will my Bajaj Pulsar SS200 coasting along with her sister-Bajaj Pulsar SS400 and CS400?

ARAC ZXS The Predator

August 26, 2014
ARAC ZXS is a Harga Kawasaki Z250 Bekas  motorcycle made by blending the sophistication of garang's design technology. The latest designs are increasingly made from aluminium chassis complete with super light but strong, manpower and machine-based v-twin.
Major's increasingly expresses the aura of the predator. Color orange gold or copper color to tend to be more black and make it handsome feels at once ' fierce '.
The Motor that belongs in a row of naked sport bike or street fighter is actually  Harga Honda CBR 150R Baru  still in the shape of the concept. Its designer was a man named Marco Petrovic, also known as motor-motor concept designers abroad. To be so in the future the motor-motor-design draft results into tangible works. At least if the mad motor modifications can make it reference materials to change the look of the motorcycle bikers modifikator.

New Car Clearance Sale Discounts, Hard-Selling Used Cars

August 20, 2014
New car discount-class multipurpose vehicle (MPV) throughout the mid-2014 make used car dealers complained. Toyota, for example, may give Harga Honda Scoopy FI Bandung  discounts of up to $ 30 million for buyers Avanza.
"If so, a stock we have also sold hard. Until now I still haven't sold Avanza, "said Edy, 37 years old, used car dealers, when you call the Tempo, Friday, August 15, 2014.
Further, according to Edy, the new car manufacturer class competition MVP also often makes a lot of used car dealers would lose money. "Yesterday's Underwear appears bemused by Harga Kawasaki Z800 Baru  the new Prima Donna that rival the Avanza. Toyota likely miscalculated because new competitors emerge. Inevitably they will have to sell stocks that are still piling up. Harga Kawasaki The factory ceased operations is not possible, "he said.

Edy was hoping the producers be fair under these circumstances. Moreover, in addition to depressed by discounts, merchants will also have to hold my breath because of declining sales trends after the Idul Fitri holiday.
Contacted separately, Joint Chairman of the motor vehicle Industry (Gaikindo) Indonesia Jongki Sugiarto explains, indeed there is no regulation to set price set manufacturer. "Want to hit 70 million or 100 million loss, we can't govern," he said. Further, Jongki said, car sales in August decreased. "Okay, because of the depleted rapidly rising sales of Underwear. The end of August it will be back to normal, "he said.

In the list of car sales at the beginning of the semester, 2014, recorded sales of Toyota Avanza is the first order by the number of units sold 14.892. Underneath, the Honda Mobilio 10.896 with sales units. And third, cheap car sales with Toyota Agya 5,849 units.
Low-end MPV cars that normally dominate the top five now marginalized due to a new Prima Donna, among others, Suzuki Ertiga in fifth position with sales of Daihatsu Xenia 4.555 unit and on the sixth rank (4.045 units).

Car Sales, Honda's Third Champion

August 20, 2014
Car Sales, Honda's Third Champion
PT Honda Prospect Motor to occupy Harga Kawasaki Versys 650 Terbaru third position in the national car market in the period January-July 2014, after it posted sales of 95.658 units. According to Director of marketing and After-sales Jonfis Fandy Prospect, Honda, sales figures are quite good considering the working days in the month of July is relatively short. "We are confident the sale will be back next month due to increases in the active market back in full," he said in the affidavits, Wednesday, August 20, 2014. (Read: Inter Target Production Honda 250 thousand units).
In July, Honda Prospect successfully sell 12.984 mobile unit. Honda Mobilio, Honda Jazz, Honda Brio and Satya became the largest sales contributor. Minibus Honda Mobilio ranks top, with quantity sales units in July and 6.225 52.671 unit Harga Kawasaki ER-6N Bulan Ini  throughout the year 2014. Mobilio grab market share as much as minibus 23 percent. The second position is occupied by the Honda Jazz sold the unit in July and the 2,758-9.763 units throughout 2014. Jazz hatchback segment market share grab by 31 percent.
New arrivals, products of Honda Brio Satya, also had a pretty good sales. Cars in class low cost green car (LCGC) 2.126 units sold in July and 13.619 units throughout 2014, with a market share of 14 percent. While the Honda Brio city car sold 737 units in July with a total cumulative January-July sales 7.655 units. With these achievements, the Honda Brio to be market leaders segment city car with a share of 27 percent. (Read also: new cars, used cars Sale Discount hard-Sell).
For other variants, all from January to July, Honda Prospect selling sport utility vehicle as much as Honda CR-V, Honda minivan unit 5.774 Freed 3.797 units, luxury Honda Odyssey minivans 580 units, and Honda City and Accord sedans each as much as 1,057 units and 315 units. In the segment sport, hybrid cars Honda CR-Z sold 97 unit and took control of 37 percent of the market share.

Tata Motor Company Social Program Title

August 20, 2014
Tata Motor Company Social Program Title
Once present in Indonesia on September 11, 2012 and begin to market its products since December 2013, automotive manufacturers from India, Tata Motors Indonesia, held a dona Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI Second tion program to corporate social responsibility (CSR) today, Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

"Tata Motors Indonesia is committed to contribute to the community by holding CSR programs. This is our first CSR ", said Biswadev Sengupta, President Director of PT Tata Motors Indonesia (TMI) and Harga Yamaha R1 Second   PT Tata Motors Indonesia Distribution to the press after the event. (See also: Tata Motors want to Penetrate the Top 10 Automotive Indonesia).
Biswadev continued, her less agreed with CSR, given naming is usually a company gain profit from the sale of a new advance, doing CSR. "Whereas we recently attended in Indonesia. Our CSR Program entitled INSPIRAKSI it, basically the aspirations of the community and for the community. We only facilitate, "said Biswadev.

Apong Arfiansyah, Deputy Marketing General Manager of PT TMI, who was in charge of CSR programs Tata Motors Indonesia, says that INSPIRAKSI is the implementation of CSR programs carried out through social media Facebook Tata Motors Indonesia.
"We started launching a CSR phase I by June 2013, through Facebook and collaborated with some of the media," says he. (read also: Tata Vista Ready to run on Cheap City Car Class).
After launching it, TMI then gets input from communities that are selected to be 30 project proposals, and then become the best social project 9. "Nine this proposal and we have most of the voting public, and then was elected to the three best," said Apong when found after the event.