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' Wrecks ' Superbike It Auctioned Hundreds Of Millions

August 26, 2014
Had no wheels, exhaust nearly devoured the rust, Harga Honda Spacy Seken saddle aka joknya was almost shapeless. That's how conditions Brough Superior SS80 hosts this 1939.

For ordinary people would probably be looking at Harga Honda Revo FI Baru Tahun 2014   prehistoric production superbike world war two as a worthless scrap seonggok. But for classic motorcycle enthusiast, the presence of Brough Superior SS80 was like a dream come true.
It is not apparent from his appearance now, but this is a superbike SS80 released in 1922 with a V-twin engine of 982 cc. this Model has also been driven by the creator, George Brough, kala quick kicks pathways at Brooklands with a record speed of 161 km/h. Brough himself won the race out of a total 52 51 race that he follow with this superbike.

Unfortunately, the production of motor which is known as ' The Rolls-Royce of Motor Cycles ' this stopped in early 1940, shortly before World War II, and is no longer produced. During nearly two decades of operation, only about 3000 motor was successfully created and marketed. Because of that, this much sought after by the SS80 fans motor classic.
Be auctioned by auction house Bonham, owner of ' junkyard ' SS80 's father claimed that this was the one who brought home this SS80 in 1964. However, after more than 50 years are stored, some parts of her start rusting or missing either where. But make no mistake, even so this superbike can still be auctioned with a price of 15,000 or around Rp 275 millions.

To restore the good looks of this superbike like during the golden age in the past, according to dailymail alerts, Thursday (10/10), will cost up to 15,000 or around Rp 460 millions.

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