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Bajaj Pulsar SS200 Caught ' the streets '

August 26, 2014
Bajaj Auto Ltd as a manufacturer of two-wheeled Harga Yamaha Xeon RC  Surabaya  vehicle that is big in India start giving resistance means the motor market in the sport world. The third entry-level sportbike is projected to slide at the end of 2014 at least.
Latest news, via reportage motoroids-India, recently caught the figure of Bajaj Pulsar SS200 full-fairing are public streets laden with garments that still cover it.
Bajaj Pulsar SS200 itself at the time India Auto Expo 2014 (January) has not Harga Yamaha R6 Baru  had time to be introduced directly to the public. Almost no difference with the sister-SS400, SS200 type design similar bodyworks but few more lean.

Bajaj Pulsar 200cc engine provided with SS200, single-cylinder engine with a fuel injection system (FI) that is claimed to be able to generate power by 25 hp and a torque of 20 Nm.

Will my Bajaj Pulsar SS200 coasting along with her sister-Bajaj Pulsar SS400 and CS400?

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