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Honda NM4 Vultus, Moge Cruise Futuristic ala Honda

August 26, 2014
Recently two-wheel manufacturer Honda-moge introduced a Harga Honda CB150R Tahun Ini  unique design based on garang's nan motor cruiser. He was named Honda NM4 Vultus.
These Vultus provided with machines that are similar to other Honda moge figures i.e. 745cc  Harga Honda Blade 125 FI Tahun 2014 engine with a capacity of NC750 berkonfigurasi parallel-twin. This machine is claimed capable of generating power of 54 hp with peak torque reached 67.8 Nm.
As a modern, futuristic vehicle project, Vultus equipped also with LED lights, future-shock style, stealth bomber silhouette that looks like most anime movie-style vehicles.

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