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Let cozy, Recognize Your taxi Crash

September 26, 2014
Rather than ride the city bus, taxi services indeed wear more comfortable. Like the proverbial car ride itself though have to spend a little more cost. However, choosing a taxi is also not without risk. Sometimes there are unscrupulous Harga Kawasaki Z1000 di Bogor taxi drivers found that do harm to the passengers.

Vigilance remains necessary care when using a taxi. This minimizes the risk, as well as help you if not Your natural menyenangan action for using the services of a taxi. Quoted from SuryaOnline, following his tips:

Wear the requested taxi by phone. Booking this way ensures you get a taxi from Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono Juli 2014 the taxi service company official. Or if you've already got contacts taxi driver, you can directly order to him.
If you didn't get to order by phone, please select the name of the company taxi you already believe. You can see the writing on the car, its logo, and the phone number you can be reached.
Each taxi carries the identity. Each car is not the same body number with another fleet of taxi companies are the same. In addition, on the dashboard there is a driver's identity card. If this identity is not available, you should find another taxi.
Sometimes taxi drivers to act naughty with take the longest to argo runs longer. However, this could also be alerted to the possibility of the occurrence of crimes. If you find the driver impressed swirling toward the destination location without any reason, immediately requested to stop. Report actions by phone to a taxi company in question are listed in the body of the car.

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