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New Car Clearance Sale Discounts, Hard-Selling Used Cars

August 20, 2014
New car discount-class multipurpose vehicle (MPV) throughout the mid-2014 make used car dealers complained. Toyota, for example, may give Harga Honda Scoopy FI Bandung  discounts of up to $ 30 million for buyers Avanza.
"If so, a stock we have also sold hard. Until now I still haven't sold Avanza, "said Edy, 37 years old, used car dealers, when you call the Tempo, Friday, August 15, 2014.
Further, according to Edy, the new car manufacturer class competition MVP also often makes a lot of used car dealers would lose money. "Yesterday's Underwear appears bemused by Harga Kawasaki Z800 Baru  the new Prima Donna that rival the Avanza. Toyota likely miscalculated because new competitors emerge. Inevitably they will have to sell stocks that are still piling up. Harga Kawasaki The factory ceased operations is not possible, "he said.

Edy was hoping the producers be fair under these circumstances. Moreover, in addition to depressed by discounts, merchants will also have to hold my breath because of declining sales trends after the Idul Fitri holiday.
Contacted separately, Joint Chairman of the motor vehicle Industry (Gaikindo) Indonesia Jongki Sugiarto explains, indeed there is no regulation to set price set manufacturer. "Want to hit 70 million or 100 million loss, we can't govern," he said. Further, Jongki said, car sales in August decreased. "Okay, because of the depleted rapidly rising sales of Underwear. The end of August it will be back to normal, "he said.

In the list of car sales at the beginning of the semester, 2014, recorded sales of Toyota Avanza is the first order by the number of units sold 14.892. Underneath, the Honda Mobilio 10.896 with sales units. And third, cheap car sales with Toyota Agya 5,849 units.
Low-end MPV cars that normally dominate the top five now marginalized due to a new Prima Donna, among others, Suzuki Ertiga in fifth position with sales of Daihatsu Xenia 4.555 unit and on the sixth rank (4.045 units).

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