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Street Arts Custom Jadul Motor Magic, So Harleys

August 26, 2014
Jadul motor is preparing specialties from the workshops Harga Yamaha Force 2013  of Street Arts Custom belongs to Arie senses. Because the motor-motor jadul as C70, C50, CB500, Honda Legend Honda Astrea, and disulapnya can be as new again with a unique concept.

Located at Jalan Masjid Al-Ikhwan, the Grand City of Depok, Depok, the workshop belonging to this high berperawakan man can modify the motor-the motor into a variety of Harga Yamaha Vega RR Bandung  concepts such as Streetcub, Choppycub, Japstyle, and Cafe Racer Bratstyle.
In this workshop not only modify the motor-classic motor become more handsome, we restored the old motor could also be as initial conditions, "explained Arie.

Pretty much works of Street Arts Custom. The modifications that he did is quite extreme by combining multiple order vehicles. Not only that, Arie lobbies for spare part used seorisinil as possible.
"If it can be part of original. If baseball can be a new, locally-made, "he said.

Not only provide service modifications to motorcycles, Street Arts Custom provide material for consumers who want to have a motorcycle curios and unique. "If you want to make your motorcycle curios but baseball had motornya, we can find the material. Later the rest stayed to dimodifkasinya what it looks like, "he explained.
Arie claims to be working on one motor unit within a month, but depending on the concept. "Budget for one motor enggak kok too expensive, about $ 4 million. If the concept is simple. The most expensive can be up to $ 8 million, "the lid.

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