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VW Pursue concept of "Smartphones with Wheels"

September 18, 2015

VW Pursue concept of "Smartphones with Wheels"
After rolling the ambition to become the largest automaker in the world in 2018, volkswagen had a sequel. Europe's largest automobile manufacturer is pursuing the concept of "smart phone with wheels".

That is, in the future function of the car is not just a means of transportation that led from one point to another location.

"We are in the process of re-creating the largest automotive producer in Europe. In 2020, we will change the entire car we become a smart phone with the wheel," said Martin Winterkorn, VW's Chief Executive Officer, as reported by Bloomberg, Monday (14/09/2015).

VW aims to be able to make the car they sent simultaneously receive data, including the drive itself (technology otonomos). The German brand is also planning to launch a total of 20 units of pure electric cars and hybrid technology "plug in" to 2020. The model is diverse, ranging from compact to luxury sedans, such as the Phaeton models.

VW's new ambitions seem to appear triggered the threat of competition from information technology companies, such as Apple and Google. Including the success of Tesla Motors as a pure electric car manufacturer in America Srikat. In order to maintain the prestige, German automotive manufacturers must maintain its position as a leader in motor vehicle technology.

As a result, the urge to develop environmentally friendly models and vehicles with high connectivity capabilities according to the characteristics of consumers in the modern era. read also

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